Why iKydz

Why iKydz?

iKydz was created by parents, for parents because of the concerns, worries and the frustrations that we experienced with our own children. We have developed a unique and very simple parenting tool that can help you manage internet usage in your home. 

Whether your concern is what your child is seeing or accessing online, or how long they are spending online not to mention whether they are doing their homework or sleeping when they should be, iKydz is the revolutionary single solution to your problems.

iKydz is a simple, easy to use, single point of control for all internet devices at home.ikydz devices

iKydz is a simple plug and play control hub. It gives parents and guardians the power to regulate the time any digital device within the home, where it is used, as well as filtering out any content or limiting access to any apps or sites that you are not happy with. It’s so simple. You do not need to know anything about technology, everything is controlled directly from your smartphone.

iKydz finally gives you back control of the internet in your own home  

  1. Plug in the iKydz control hub
  2. Install the iKydz app on your phone or tablet
  3. Control all devices in your home, whether you are there or not – It’s that simple!

Reduce the risk of cyber-bullying, online grooming and access to unsafe and dangerous content by managing and controlling your kids' devices.

ikydz box connected to router

Simple & Easy to Use
iKydz is a plug & play technology with a simple, easy to use interface. Just plug in the iKydz control hub and it recognises all your connected devices. You then simply apply the restrictions you want to one or all of them.

One Point of Control
You control all access to the internet from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world. All the control is on your phone and no one else can delete iKydz, only you.

Block – Restrict – Schedule – Monitor
Block, restrict or schedule access to anything you choose on the internet. You can limit your kids’ time on specific sites or apps, or simply limit or cut-off access to the internet. Specific schedules can be created, helping your kids to focus on study, get their much-needed sleep or simply engage properly during mealtimes or family activities.

Content Filtering & Blocking

Research has shown that the majority of children come across inappropriate content based on a random web search or links appearing while on YouTube© . Once your child's device is connected to the iKydz WiFI network, all content is automatically filtered by Google Safe Search© , so your children are safe to search the internet using Google, Bing, YouTube etc. 

In addition, iKydz provides parents with the ability to enable adult content blocking on individual devices.

So Why enable adult content?

The curious nature of our children can often provide them with snippets of information which could lead them to open up a browser and input a specific URL, for example, www.xxx.com. Entering this address is a request to the internet to return a specific site and not a search. The iKydz adult content block list is designed to stop this request getting a response from the internet. 

All Devices
iKydz recognises and controls all internet devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, games consoles. If the device has an internet connection, iKydz can control it. You don’t have to set up apps on every device, iKydz does the work for you.

Tamper Proof
Kids are born into the age of the internet and they understand technology often much better than their parents do. We have developed iKydz so you don’t need to install & setup apps on multiple devices that you wish to control – these apps are often removed by savvy kids, no matter the controls that you think you have placed on them. We’ve made iKydz tamper-proof so that you don’t have to worry.

Once-Off Payment
We believe that you should have access to the full functionality of iKydz from the moment you plug it in. So there are no hidden charges and no monthly subscriptions. All you have to do is purchase the control hub, plug it in and have unlimited and immediate use of iKydz.