About Us

Our Mission

Today’s parents constantly worry about what their kids are watching online and how long they’re spending on their devices. iKydz changes all of that.

iKydz was created by parents for parents. We know the problems associated with controlling our kids’ time online. To make matters more complicated, most homes now have multiple devices that are all connected to the internet… smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, PCs, gaming consoles and others. As parents, it is our responsibility to manage the threats the internet presents as well as creating a healthy balance of its use for our kids.

Our mission was to create a simple, user-friendly tool for parents to help them manage and protect their children in the age of the internet. iKydz is the simplest and most powerful tool available to help parents achieve this goal.

Improve e-safety, reduce the risk of cyber bullying, guard against grooming, block dangerous or unsafe content, improve internet security and gain parental control.